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Shirt design for the USK

Streetwear for youth protection nerds

Shirt PUBGamescom


gamescom 2019
Shirt 25 Jahre USK

25th Anniversary

gamescom 2019

Mask Effect

gamescom 2020

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Every year at Germany’s biggest gaming convention, the local age rating institution (USK) offers a very special trophy for winning at their traditional quiz show: The legendary USK shirt.




2018 – 2019

About the USK shirt

Every year many attendees specifically seek out the booth of  USK, the German age rating institution for games. Apart from top notch experts who will answer all the age rating questions in a very professional and charming way, another main draw of the booth is the legendary USK quiz. It presents its winners with a limited edition USK shirt – there is new unique design at every gamescom.

About the design process

With the big exception of 2019, when USK celebrated its 25th anniversary, USK shirts usually present organize beautiful gaming puns revolving around a certain theme. In 2018, the theme was “PUB(G)amescom” – of course, there were only non-alcoholic beverages in our lovely youth protection pub!